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It takes more than just sugarcane to make Mara Sugar. We have a team of more than 1,300 employees plus an additional 2,400 labour contractors every day who are part of the TSCL team.

Thanks to these 3,500 team members, we can make sure that sugarcane is harvested, transported and milled on time. Our team looks after roads in the Transmara region to help us get around and also provide safer terrain for residents in the area. The TSCL team makes sure everything runs smoothly and in return, we offer them a great place to work and opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Listen to factory worker Benaya share what it’s like to work at TSCL


Aron is a Team Leader in our Garage & Workshop. Watch the video below to hear about Aron’s journey from starting as a mechanic trainee and how working at Transmara Sugar Company has helped him.

Meet our


Benaya is the Assistant Process Manager in our Sugar factory. Watch the video below to hear about Benaya’s career progression and personal experience as a member of the Transmara Sugar Company team. to grow personally and professionally.

Listen to garage worker Aron share what it’s like to work at TSCL

Work in our Garage, Transport and Agriculture departments

We are committed to working with people in the Transmara region to produce sugar grown here in our community.

There are many benefits of working for Transmara Sugar Company Limited (TSCL).

When you work with us, you can:

  • Be paid fairly and on time
  • Develop your skills with training
  • Have 2-way communication with your manager
  • Learn modern techniques and use new technology
  • Be proud to be part of a Kenyan brand
  • Work with a company who gives back to your community

Our HR (Human Resources) department works with the sugar industry to make sure our practices follow Kenyan labour laws.

See our


The TSCL Factory is in charge of preparing, milling and processing the sugarcane.

Factory workers are part of the many sugar processing steps:

  • Off loading sugarcane that arrives at the Factory
  • Working with machines to remove juice from sugarcane and turn the syrup into crystals
  • Drying and packing the sugar into Mara Sugar packets
  • Building and maintenance of factory machinery instead of repairing
  • Quality checking the sugar throughout the Factory process

Road & Estate Services

The Road & Estate Services Department is in charge of road construction and maintenance.

The Road section looks after the roads and builds new roads using in-house machines such as graders.

The Civil section looks after TSCL’s buildings and culverts.

Garage & Workshop

The Garage & Workshop is in charge of the TSCL fleet. Workers make sure that vehicles such as tractors and cane loaders are well maintained and available for the Transport & Logistics department to transport sugarcane.

The department uses modern technology that is unique in the Transmara region and operates 24 hours a day to provide operators with immediate repairs and maintenance in-field and in the workshop.

Transport & Logistics

The Transport & Logistics Department is in charge of transporting sugarcane from farmers’ fields to the Sugar factory.

We have 250 drivers who transport sugarcane from field to Factory using tractors and sideloader trailers specially designed for transmara region conditions.

Where we are

We have staff working in our Sugar factory in Enoosaen and offices in the Transmara region:


We also have transit stations in:

Transmara Sugar Company
Sugar factory Enoosaen
TSCL Regional Boundry
Country Boundry

Moticho - 24km from mill
Ochodororo - 10km from mill
Oyani - 22km from mill
Oloontare - 11km from mill
Moita/Nkararo - 13km from mill
Shankoe - 6km from mill
Osupuko - 32km from mill
Osinoni - 15km from mill
Sugar factory Enoosaen

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    Transmara Sugar Company Limited can help with advance payment for school fees so your children can get the best education.