5 careers in the sugar industry

5 careers in the sugar industry

Have you ever wondered what careers are available in the sugar industry? We take a look at five very different jobs at Transmara Sugar Company.

Magma Attendant

A Magma Attendant has a crucial role in sugar production. They are responsible for maintaining the correct mixture of granulated sugar and thick juice to achieve the right consistency. This is referred to as a magma brix. Sugar magma is a very viscous substance that can harden if left to stand still. A Magma Attendant knows all about how the magma mixer works, so that they can operate the stirrer drive manually in the event of a power shutdown. They must also keep an eye on the magma in case they need to add water or remove any chocks forming in the lines and pumps.

Turbine Operator

Reporting to the Mechanical Department Head, the Turbine Operator is responsible for the safe, efficient and continuous operation of the turbines at the factory, including auxiliary equipment maintenance. This role is best suited to someone with a background in engineering and mechanics, as they need to make sure the turbines are operating as they should be. That includes cleaning and maintaining all machinery parts and troubleshooting potential abnormalities before they become a serious problem. Turbine Operators assist with both general repairs and out-of-crop maintenance. Attention to detail is essential, as they must report all important turbine operation parameters in a designated logbook.

Workshop Mechanic

A Workshop Mechanic gets to work with all the machinery in the factory. They must make sure it’s in good working condition for our staff to operate safely. Workshop Mechanics are responsible for carrying out routine checks and repairing any issues in the bearings. This includes checking that the wire rope is in the correct position. They also work with company vehicles, so a certificate in automotive engineering, or at least five years in an automotive repair shop, is essential for the role. They need to be able to confidently run engine overhauls on various machines, check whether the trailers are parked safely and replace worn-out wheel studs where necessary.

Meet Berty Bonne, our Workshop Executive Officer

With an impressive 33 years of experience in maintenance engineering, Berty brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team.

Starting from the ground up as a mechanic, Berty's journey in engineering has taken him to occupy strategic positions in various sectors, including earthmoving equipment and aviation industry management.

His specialties lie in maintenance operations planning, heading operations in aircraft refuelling, and training individuals in the intricacies of Automobile Engineering, with a particular focus on hydraulic systems.

Berty has been an invaluable member of the Transmara Sugar Company team for over eight years, contributing significantly to our success and growth. Please join us in celebrating Berty’s achievements and dedication to excellence!

Boiler Fitter

Steam boilers are a key part of the sugar crystalization process at the factory, and a Boiler Fitter looks after them to ensure they’re running correctly. They carry out routine boiler maintenance and troubleshoot any operation faults to prevent problems from occurring in production. Since it’s such a crucial role, it’s best suited to someone with a diploma in mechanical engineering. They need to know how industrial-scale steam boilers work and how to fit and clean them. A Boiler Fitter may also be required to perform other maintenance duties around the factory. They spend a lot of time working independently, so a good work ethic is essential.

Human Resources Officer

The success of the sugar factory is dependent on its staff, which is why the Human Resources department plays a crucial role in our operations. Our HR Officers are responsible for supporting our staff with talent and career development opportunities to help them feel fulfilled at work. They are involved in talent acquisition, handling contracts, onboarding new starters and maintaining leave requests. They must also be able to handle employee disciplinary procedures, whether participating in employee discipline hearings, keeping an accurate discipline log or recording employee grievances. A degree in Human Resources Management and an IHRM membership are ideal for the role, as well as solid ethics and integrity.

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