Our Sugar

Mara Sugar is made from sugarcane grown here in Kenya. We partner with local farmers, using the most modern practices to produce the best sugar for you to enjoy.

From lush Kenyan highlands…

We only use sugarcane grown in Kenya. You can find Mara Sugar fields all over the Transmara region, an untapped region away from Kenya’s sugar belt where there is plenty of rainfall for the cane to grow. We never import because we want to celebrate our own crops and farmers.

… grown by local farmers,

We only work with local farmers. Our regional offices support farmers with training and farming services so we can produce the best sugar together. By partnering with farmers and employing locals, we can help the community grow — just like our sugarcane.

milled in our factory…

Once the sugarcane is ready and harvested, we help transport the sugarcane to our factory for milling. We crush the sugarcane and turn it into sugar crystals which become delicious Mara Sugar. As byproducts, we have molasses and bagasse, which we turn into briquettes. We sell these locally for use in other industries and the bagasse and briquettes power our factory too.

…for you to enjoy every day!

Mara Sugar is delivered to local retail outlets all around Kenya. Available in white, brown and light brown, people add Mara Sugar every day to their tea and coffee and bakers love to use it in their recipes.

Check out our blog for wonderful Mara Sugar recipes.


Brown 0.5kg
Brown 1kg
Brown 2kg
White 1kg
White 2kg

sweetness to life with
Mara Sugar


Brown 25kg Sugar
Brown 50kg Sugar
White 50kg Sugar

Available in most retail and wholesale outlets in Kenya

Did you know?

Mara Sugar has the Diamond Mark of Quality and Superbrand status. We’re proud to produce sugar that’s trusted by both customers and judges.