About Us

About Us

Transmara Sugar Company Limited is a Kenyan company that produces Mara Sugar, a sugar made by locals, for locals.

Our company is named after Kenya’s Transmara region, where the sugarcane milled to produce Mara Sugar is grown.

We only produce Mara Sugar from locally grown sugarcane because we believe in always supporting local people, building the economy and strengthening Kenya’s sugar trade at home.

Since we first started making Mara Sugar in 2012, we have gone from producing 17,000 tonnes of sugar to over 90,000 tonnes in 2021. Our plan is to maintain a stable production of over 100,000 tonnes annually going forward.

We are proud that Mara Sugar is recognised for its quality with the Diamond Mark of Quality and Superbrand status.

Transmara Sugar Company Limited (TSCL) is part of the Alteo Group, a leader in the African sugar industry with many years of experience in sugar production. TSCL is a public company incorporated and existing under the laws of Kenya since 2011.

Transmara Sugar Company Profile

How we work

We work directly with local farmers and millers to bring our customers everyday sweetness. Today, we have partnered with more than 17,000 farmers and collaborate with them using a decentralised model.

In addition to producing quality sugar to go in your morning cup of tea, we are committed to creating a positive impact.

We are proud to be part of one big Transmara family through our farmer partnerships and local community support.

Where to find us

We are located in Southwestern Kenya, where there is reliable rainfall throughout the year to grow sugarcane. The region is rural with limited infrastructure that we are adding new roads to every year to improve connectivity and the overall quality of life.

Our sugarcane factory is in the Transmara region we were named after. We also have six regional offices with extension offers who provide our farmers with localised support, and a sales office in Nairobi.

Moticho - 24km from mill
Ochodororo - 10km from mill
Oyani - 22km from mill
Oloontare - 11km from mill
Moita/Nkararo - 13km from mill
Shankoe - 6km from mill
Osupuko - 32km from mill
Osinoni - 15km from mill
Sugar factory Enoosaen

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Transmara Sugar Company
Sugar factory Enoosaen
TSCL Regional Boundry
County Boundry

Meet the Team

Chief Executive Officer

Frederick North-Coombes

Workshop Executive Officer

Berty Bonne

Transport & Logistics Executive Officer

Erick Genevieve

Chief Finance Officer

Stephane La Hausse de Lalouviere

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Pascal Lelong

Agriculture Executive Officer

Denis Lavoipierre

Estate and Roads Manager

Pushpender Singh

Human Resources Manager

Yoshiah Meitiaki

Factory Executive Officer

Loic Koenig