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Are you a farmer in the Transmara region?

We are committed to working with people in the Transmara region to produce sugar grown here in our community.

There are many benefits of farming with Transmara Sugar Company.

When you partner with us, you can:

  • Use our harvesting, cutting, fertiliser and transportation services
  • Be paid fairly and on time
  • Develop your skills with training
  • Learn modern techniques and use new technology
  • Be proud to be part of a Kenyan brand
  • Work with a company who gives back to your community

When you partner with Transmara Sugar Company Limited, you will also receive direct support from an Extension Officer in one of our regional offices.

David, a sugarcane farmer with

Moticho - 24km from mill
Ochodororo - 10km from mill
Oyani - 22km from mill
Oloontare - 11km from mill
Moita/Nkararo - 13km from mill
Shankoe - 6km from mill
Osupuko - 32km from mill
Osinoni - 15km from mill
Sugar factory Enoosaen

Hover over the dots and stars to see our locations.

Transmara Sugar Company
Sugar factory Enoosaen
TSCL Regional Boundry
Country Boundry

We chose regional offices so they could be close to farmers. This means our Extension Officers can help farmers whenever they need anything.

Our Sugar factory is in Enoosaen and our regional offices are in:


We also have transit stations in:


Apply to work with us

A Transmara Sugar Company Limited officer can tell you about the services we can offer and explain how our partnerships work.

You can fill in a form, then our regional office will look at suitable areas to grow sugarcane or check your farm if you are already growing sugarcane.

If your application is successful, we can start our partnership. Our regional office will make sure you have everything you need to grow

your sugarcane.

When your sugarcane is ready, we can help with harvesting and transport your sugarcane to our factory.

Then our factory mills your sugarcane and turns it into beautiful packets of Mara Sugar.

Use the form below to apply to farm with us:

Or visit us at one of our regional offices.

Farming help

If you already farm with us and need some help, you can call the
Farmer’s Help Desk:
Call + 254 701 967765
Work with us

Did you know?

Transmara Sugar Company Limited can help with advance payment for school fees so your children can get the best education.