Transmara sets out a new mission, vision and values

Transmara sets out a new mission, vision and values

Transmara Sugar Company has revealed a brand new mission, vision, and values for 2024 and beyond.

Transmara Sugar Company has revealed a brand new mission, a vision of its future and new values designed to help all stakeholders understand their roles better.

The company’s heads of department met at a special event at the company’s Guest House Hall on 14 December 2023 to develop the plans, which will give Transmara’s 1500 employees, 3000 contractors and 17,000 farmers greater clarity and purpose.

“Our mission is very simple,” said Frederick North-Coombes, Transmara’s CEO, speaking at the event.

“Our mission is growing together. Growing together as employees, as a company, as a community and with our stakeholders. We want to grow together.”

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While the mission provides an overarching goal for the entire company, North-Coombes also laid out a practical vision of Transmara’s future, considering how it will operate not just now, but in 10 years’ time.

“Our vision is to be the inspirational outgrower model in the region,” he said. “We want people to look at us and say, ‘Yes, we want to be like Transmara and do what they are doing.’ We want to be prominent in the industry, where people look up to Transmara because we set high standards, and encourage innovation and excellence.”

North-Coombes explained that doing so requires implementing new company-wide values, which he dubbed SPIRE: Synergy, Passion, Integrity, Respect and Excellence.

“Synergy means working together, because together we can do better,” he said, while passion will see employees and stakeholders, “engaging with pride to excel in what we do.”

“A greater culture of integrity will help to inspire trust and honesty in everything we do,” while Transmara will further, “promote a culture of respect for all stakeholders.” Lastly, excellence means, “delivering product and service at a quality standard across the value chain.”

“SPIRE points up to the direction of where we want to go,” said North-Coombes. “Because the sky is the limit.”

Our mission, vision & values


Growing together

  • Collective Growth & Success: Commitment to advancing and succeeding together
  • Collaboration: Emphasizing unity and joint efforts
  • Supportive Environment: Fostering individual and group development
  • Community Building: Creating a cohesive and thriving group
  • Continuous Improvement: Striving for ongoing advancement
  • Inclusivity: Ensuring everyone benefits from growth



To be the inspirational sugar-cane outgrower-model in the region

An aspiration for a prominent and influential role in the sugar-cane industry
Setting high standards and encouraging innovation and excellence
Leading practices in efficiency and sustainability
A desire for local or regional leadership


Synergy Together we do better and go beyond
Passion Engaging with pride to excel in our duties
Integrity Inspire trust and honesty in everything we do
Respect To live and promote a culture of respect for all stakeholders and the environment
Excellence To deliver product and services to required quality standards across the value chain