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Building new roads

As Transmara Sugar Company operates in the very remote area of Transmara, infrastructure can be limited. It can be hard or even impossible for local farmers to transport their sugarcane once it’s harvested.

Our dedicated Agriculture, Transport and Roads team looks at areas where we can build new roads. The team speaks to community members and once the Area Chief gives their consent, we can start to build the road. With the help of the community, the area can be cleared for our road machinery to build the new road.

Better roads help farmers deliver their sugarcane but they also benefit everyone in the community. We build 100 kilometres of new roads and 1,400 metres of culverts every year and maintain 300km of existing roads that help connect the community.

Transmara Road Construction

The importance of building roads in Kenya

We invest in new roads to access sugarcane from remote areas of Kenya and empower communities.

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You can help us build new roads by working in our garage.