Meet Mara Sugar FC

Meet Mara Sugar FC

Founded in 2012, Mara Sugar FC has built a strong team and has its sights set on the Kenya Premier League. We take a look at the players and learn more about the club.

Meet the players
Who is in the Mara Sugar FC team?
Here is a quick overview.

Fullback Right

Arnold Akafwale

Joined Mara Sugar FC: 2018. A utility player, can play both fullback right and left

Attacking Midfielder

Brian Ochieng

Joined Mara Sugar FC: 2022 Known prowess for his dribbling skill


Brian Omondi

Joined Mara Sugar FC: 2020 Very skillful, joined the team at 15 years old


David Mwita Owino

Joined Mara Sugar FC: 2022. A utility player, can play defence and midfield


Derrick Kipkoech

Joined Mara Sugar FC: 2024. A speedy winger with a direct approach to the target


Dickson Musekenya

Joined Mara Sugar FC: 2016. Disciplined and experienced player

Central Defender

Drona Openda

Joined Mara Sugar FC: 2018 He is the backbone of the defence line


Edwin Emase Ekakoro

Joined Mara Sugar FC: 2021 A very disciplined and timely keeper


Erick Juma

Joined Mara Sugar FC: 2024 A utility player and can play false striker and winger

Fullback Left

Erick Ng’iela

Joined Mara Sugar FC: 2017 He is a leader and the team captain


Ernest Oyugi

Joined Mara Sugar FC: 2023 A young, promising player


Felix Ouma Adayo

Joined Mara Sugar FC: 2023 Good communicator

Central Defender

Frederick Omondi Ng’iela

Joined Mara Sugar FC: 2019 Good at headers

Fullback Right

Isaiah Otieno Owegi

Joined Mara Sugar FC: 2020 Good in overlapping with excellent crosses


James Olweny Isaya

Joined Mara Sugar FC: 2018 A very fast player


Joseph Otieno Okwenda

Joined Mara Sugar FC: 2019 Can play both central defence and fullback right

Central Defence

Kelvin Magomere Luvanda

Joined Mara Sugar FC: 2024 A very promising young player


Matthias Isogoli

Joined Mara Sugar FC: 2022 Set piece specialist


Michael Isabwa

Joined Mara FC: 2024 A very experienced utility player


Reuben Okoth Mita

Joined Mara FC: 2018 A very creative player and goal-scorer


Mohamed Barasa Ali

Joined Mara FC: 2018 A regular goal-scorer

Fullback Left

Patrick Tarno

Joined Mara FC: 2016 An experienced left back


Robert Maina

Joined Mara FC: 2020 A midfield specialist


Samwel Otieno

Joined Mara FC: 2021. A skillful ball dribbler

Central Defender

Vincent Mulama

Joined Mara FC: 2024. Strong on air

Fullback Left

Woodvine Okoth Aboka

Joined Mara FC: 2024. Good in set pieces


Yusuf Ochieng

Joined Mara FC: 2023. Skillful in long shots


Dennis Cheruiyot

Joined Mara FC: 2024. Good at finishing


Tom Muthomi

Joined Mara FC: 2024. A very experienced goalkeeper

Mara Sugar FC gains
promotion to KPL

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Please note that this list of players was updated in April 2024 and may not reflect the current line-up. 

8 facts about Mara Sugar FC

How Mara Sugar FC started
A group of Transmara Sugar employees came together in 2012 to form Mara Sugar FC. The group of founding members were looking for an activity to keep them busy after working hours in Enoosaen. Thomas Oduor was appointed the team manager in the first general meeting and led the club until he passed away in 2024. The appointment was unopposed and the founding members set about recruiting for team members.

Mara Sugar FC’s home ground
Sony Awendo Green Stadium is the home ground where the team plays home matches. The stadium is owned by Sony Sugar Company, but Mara Sugar FC has an agreement with the company. However, due to the distance, the team trains at Shankoe Primary School football pitch.

The playing style of the team
The philosophy is to build from behind and attack from the flanks. Mara Sugar FC’s players are good ball players and comfortable with the ball.

Behind the scenes
A management committee runs the club’s affairs on a daily basis. When it comes to camaraderie, players stay together and often share some roles. Whenever a team member has a problem, the team comes together to support that player.

Developing and finding the best players
Mara Sugar FC identifies good players from the teams they play within the league or in friendly matches. Mara Sugar FC players also suggest to the management team the players they think can suit the team’s style of play. These players are then invited to train with the team for a few days. Once the technical bench is satisfied with a player’s performance, Mara Sugar FC admits the player to join the club.

Leagues and trophies won between 2012 and 2024
Mara Sugar FC has won the regional league, division two league and national division one league.

Mara Sugar FC’s biggest success so far
Mara Sugar FC was the first team in Narok county to be promoted to the National Super League (NSL).

Future goals
Mara Sugar FC’s players and management team want to win the National Super League and be promoted to play in the Kenya Premier League in the coming season.

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