Transmara Sugar wins Superbrands award for the third year running

Transmara Sugar wins Superbrands award for the third year running

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Transmara Sugar Company has once again been awarded Superbrands status, the third time in a row that the brand has received this accolade.

The company won the top honour in the Sugar Category at East Africa’s Superbrands Tribute Awards, held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, on 6 March 2024. Pascal Lelong, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, collected the award on behalf of the company.

The award recognises the work done by Transmara Sugar Company between 2022 and 2024 to foster a greater connection between employees, farmers and stakeholders, creating a sustainable business that puts the local economy, quality of life and environmental concerns to the forefront.

Pascal Lelong said: “We are proud to have the Mara Sugar brand awarded as East Africa’s choice of Superbrand – and even more so on the basis of quality, reliability and distinction. There are more than 3500 team members and more than 17,000 farmers working together every day to bring Mara Sugar to your table and today we dedicate this award to them. As an organisation, we want to distinguish ourselves by supplying the market with a quality product all year long.”

In 2024, the company is set to go even further to set high standards, encourage innovation and pursue excellence based on the company’s new mission, vision and values. Transmara Sugar Company will continue to give farmers access to dedicated farming services and expert training, so that they can grow and sell sugar that benefits their family and the local community.

Superbrands operates in 90 countries globally, highlighting the best brands across a range of categories. It defines a Superbrand as one that “offers consumers significant emotional and/or physical advantages over its competitors, which (consciously or subconsciously) consumers want, recognise, and are willing to pay a premium for.”

Participation in Superbrands is offered to the most outstanding brands in their field. Attaining Superbrands status strengthens a brand’s position, adds prestige and reassures consumers and suppliers that they are buying the best brand in its category.

You can find out more on the Superbrands website.