Transmara helps plant 2,000 trees

Transmara helps plant 2,000 trees

Transmara donates trees for a greener future

The environment is high on Transmara Sugar Company’s agenda, which is why the team is always looking for projects that will leave a positive impact. In October 2022, Transmara employees worked with the local community to plant 2,000 trees.

Green-fingered Transmara Sugar Company employees helped to plant thousands of trees at a Kenyan high school in October 2022.

Transmara helps plant 2,000 trees

Organised by the Environment and Land Court at Kilgoris, the event celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Environment and Land Court within the Republic of Kenya. The court was established to hear and determine disputes relating to the environment in Kenya, as well as the use and occupation of land.

Kilgoris Law Courts

The afternoon began at the Kilgoris Law Courts and participants then walked to Kilgoris Boys’ High School where speeches and tree planting took place. Transmara Sugar Company employees took part in the event alongside pupils from the high school, as well as members of the Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Forest Service, Land Registry, Land Adjudication Office, Kenya Police Service and Deputy County Commissioners.

Transmara helps plant 2,000 trees

Alongside the Kenya Forest Service and Kenya Wildlife Service, Transmara donated seedlings from its tree nursery to the event, helping to ensure a greener future for the Kilgoris Boys’ High School students.

It’s not the first time that Transmara has aided in such an event, having previously donated seedlings via the National Environment Management Authority’s ‘Green School Program’. It’s a cause that aligns with the company’s core values – Transmara works hard to encourage sustainable practices and has incorporated tree planting into its corporate social responsibility program. 

Transmara’s environmental work

Transmara’s environmental work goes beyond tree planting, too. The company sponsors farmer education programs that teach sugarcane farmers good crop husbandry and intercropping in order to encourage afforestation – introducing trees and seedlings to an area that has previously not been forested – and reduce deforestation.

Samuel Kalu, Corporate and Legal Manager for Transmara Sugar Company, was at the event and believes it’s Transmara’s responsibility to care for the environment. “At Transmara, we take our environmental responsibilities really seriously,” he said. “Whether that’s through donating seedlings, reducing paper waste in the office or equipping sugarcane farmers with the knowledge and skills they need to make environmentally-sound choices.

Transmara helps plant 2,000 trees

“As a business, we feel it’s our responsibility to help care for our environment so that future generations are able to enjoy our beautiful natural surroundings for years and years to come.”